Unlike and Justice market where traders have dozens out of thousands of Tools with which trade, Forex market function significantly less currency pairs. Competitive Forex brokers usually a list 60+ currency pairs. Despite the comparatively small selection, traders must choose what Forex pair or cross they should trade as part of theirs strategy.

We will discuss factors which affect decision making process profitable traderswhich could Help you decide which currency pairs focus on in your trading.

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The Forex the market is biggest according to volume and is considered to be the most liquid financial marketwith daily turnover exceeding 7.5 billion dollarsand is on track to reach $10.0 trillion per day this decade. It dwarves daily turnover of other financial marketsand while the fundamental aspects of trading are similar, successful Forex traders approach this asset differently.

Due to size and liquidity forex market, in bulk of trading strategy they are ultra short short.

Another reason for short approach to Forex trading is influence. Merchants cause exchange rates for leverage overnight position if it holds past the cut-off time, usually 5:00 PM EST. This makes Forex an excellent market trade but ineffective one to invest unless investors take advantage of indirect exposure through ETFs. Finally, many merchants wish avoid and volatility and risk overnight positions add to the portfolio, incl decrease in liquidityWhich causes spreads on extend and potentially other risks to consider.

The the answer depends on several circumstancesand will be to differ between individual traders. I will Cover and aspects and movements profitable traders go to help decide who Forex pair or go over they should trade every market meetingAsia, Europe and the USA.

Importance of an in-depth economic calendar

Economic edition be able to impact currency pairs significantly. Profitable traders they often start their day with it looking for in depth economic calendar. Provides decisive information about which period on focus on or to avoiddepending on the trading strategy they want to deploy that day.

Economic news can cause liquidity on to dryresulting wider spreads and slipwhich can mean an increase in trading fees. It can also start New and terminate the existing one trends over breakthroughs or twists and turns at key price points.

Take away:

  • Many are avoided by traders period trading before and after economic notification which could move the markets unpredictably.

The increased volatility after release be able to too attract traders because price fluctuations can create profitable opportunities for savvy traders. This requires merchants to sit front Their screens as economic release crosses the wires or using sophisticated algorithmic trading solution pre-programmed with logic take advantage larger is moving.

Take away:

  • Most retail traders they are at theirs day job during these editions and lack of access on algorithmic trading solution able to interpret the issue and act accordingly.
  • The best approach Yippee do not trade economic edition but until know when it it is happeningplan how this might affect price action, and place take prof which a stop loss orders according to.


  • Ignoring economic notification as a forex trader is a guaranteed way to face avoid lossesthereby economic calendar first step in decision making which Forex pairs or crosses trade today.

Forex trading strategy and its role

While economic indicator can provide a necessary filter trading period track a highlight currency pairs of interest for trading meetingtype of Forex trading strategy you use will dictate most suitable currency pairs.

Here are some examples:

  • Scalpers require The lowest trading fees possible, which automatically narrows list ka little main currency pairs as EUR/USDUSD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF
  • Momentum traders use absolute momentum or relative momentum a either AND time series analysis or a cross-sectional analysis determine and the strongest medium-term trends with a short-term approach.
  • Following the trendabsolute momentum strategyuse only a time lines analysis a follow established trends while you stay on side lines if no trend It is clear.
  • Day traders rate longer term charts and search opportunities trade on shorter time frameswith respect All currency pairsand numerous strategy anchored on technical analysis.
  • News traders try to catch up volatility the following major economic announcements and completely plan your trading session based to economic publication of the calendar.


  • The American dollar, eurosand JPY account for 70%+ all day trading on Forex bundlesand GBP and AUD Round Up Top five
  • Many traders focus on overlap session four main, important Forex centersLondon, New York, Tokyo and Sydney
  • Algorithmic business accounts for 80%+ all daily forex trading volumes

From the majority Forex trades are shortmany Forex traders use technical indicators, diagram patternsand history of candlesticks to define their input and exit points. They monitor basic factors it could disrupt their stores and plan according to. Top to bottom analysis from a Time window perspective where Forex traders can identify wider trend in higher time frames, for example, H4 or D1and look for input and output opportunities on smaller time framesas M1 via the M30, is typical.

Many traders hold their own favorite currency pairswho automatically attached an emotion to trade. He creates it ideal conditions for failure and narrows Focus on traders. Profitable merchants remain flexible and trade opportunities market gives rather than what they try and impose.

Each profitable dealer has its own access on narrow and list forex pairs trade but it begins with a review of the coming economy calendardespite rely on to technical analysis. The Forex the market is ideal for traders but not fits well for investors. Top-down analysis is ordinaryand Forex strategy determine which Forex pairs or crosses to trade.

Should traders have favorite currency pairs?

No, profitable forex traders remain flexible and trade what the market gives them daily, relying on their strategy and solid risk management.

What is a good approach to choosing forex pairs or crosses to trade?

Using the economic calendar and top-down technical analysis is a good approach, but it depends on the individual and their preferred strategy.

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