There is a triple witching hour this week, which may increase volatility at the end of the day. It’s also the start of a three-day weekend in the US, maybe some liquidation/profit-taking going on. As a result, indices are trading at new session lows. The market snapshot currently shows:

  • Dow Industrial Average -88 points or -0.25% to 34320.50
  • The S&P -12.9 points is -0.29% at 4413.15
  • The NASDAQ index -83 points is -0.60% at 13699.90

Shares of Microsoft traded down $4.27 or -1.23% from $343.82 after trading to a new all-time high of $351.47. Apple shares are also lower after trading at an all-time high of $186.96 today.

Nvidia remains positive, but at a very high level. The price is up $3.35 or 0.79% from $429.90. His high price was $437.21.

Adobe, up as much as $27.83, is still higher, but only down $6.50, or 1.32%, to $497.32


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