When out in Ventura County, California knocking on doors, agent Ernesto Vargas is always looking for ways to add value to his pitch.

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When I’m out in the neighborhoods where I am knocking on the door, I see a lot of people out there bringing value. They deliver packages and provide services from a postal worker to an Amazon truck to a FedEx or UPS delivery person.

Have you ever waited expectantly for a package from Amazon, a birthday present, or a flower delivery? I know you ran to the door to sign for the package when it arrived and thanked Heaven for the person who made the delivery.

Why Realtors Don’t Like Door Knocking

A lot of real estate agents are reluctant to go out and knock on doors. I am not talking here about those who have safety concerns or who just don’t have it. Instead, I’m talking about those who don’t knock on doors because they see it as soliciting, selling, or “harassing” people.

Many real estate agents act as if the homeowner is doing them a favor when they answer the door. This sad, needy energy permeates the conversation and takes all the energy out of your presentation. People can read your reluctance in your voice and on your face – and that’s a pitfall.

Change your energy, change your results

I want to challenge this low energy thought process and change the status quo. When you’re prospecting, whether through door-knocking, door-calling, or other forms of outreach, providing value will mean the difference between feeling awkward and annoyed—and generating leads.

I have a reliable “Honda guy”. When I need to know something about my car or thinking about an upgrade, it’s there. If someone comes in looking for a used car of my make and model, they will contact me to see if I would be interested in doing business with them.

As is the helpful Honda guy – who he is car promotion but it also helps its long-term customers – we need to share the story. We don’t need to knock on someone’s door with a question; we have to knock on their door with an addendum.

So what can we deliver to homeowners to bring value to them, versus just showing up empty-handed and chatting about real estate while their dinner is cooling on the table?

Courtesy of DOORA Properties

  • Market report for recent sales in their neighborhood (above is my broker’s flyer graphic designer designed, printed on our in-house press and using statistics provided by our Altos Research subscription.)
  • Up-to-date information on their home value from RealScout
  • Interview about one of our buyers looking to move into the neighborhood
  • Alert for a brand new ad that just went up two streets
  • The time and date of the “neighbor exclusive” open house we are holding this weekend
  • Information about a dealer seminar or community event you are sponsoring

When you arrive with something like this, you get the conversation going and most importantly, you come instead of giving place of acquisition. It is a stronger, high-energy place that allows you to meet the homeowner as a grateful recipient of your generosity.

We deliver (or should deliver) value just as other service providers deliver a package. Stop thinking of your potential clients as doing you a favor by getting involved. Make your presence so valuable that they ask, “Who is doing whom a favor? Who saved whom?”

Ernesto Vargas is an agent with DOORA Properties serving Ventura County, California. Connect with him Instagram.

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