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TInternational Energy Agency estimates that global oil demand is set to top at the end of the decade before it declines. The agency expects overall demand to grow by 6% from 2022 to 2028, but there are a number of factors dampening demand. One of them is the demand for oil transportation It is expected to decline as the production of electric vehicles and more fuel-efficient cars reduces the need for gasoline. Another factor the agency is looking at is war Ukrainewhich highlights the fragile nature of the supply chain for fossil fuels and forces more governments to invest in renewable energy.

“The transition to a clean energy economy is gaining momentum and peak global oil demand is in sight by the end of this decade,” the IEA’s executive director said. Fatih Birol he said in a statement, adding that “oil producers must pay careful attention to the increasing pace of change and calibrate their investment decisions to ensure an orderly transition.”

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First major US wind farm construction begins in Massachusetts – and more are on the way

Construction of the first turbines in America’s first major offshore wind farm began this week south of Martha’s Vineyard off the Massachusetts coast after a years-long legal battle and a series of federal delays over the controversial project — part of Biden. Administration push for green energy and first-in-the-wall offshore wind projects off the East Coast.

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Discoveries and innovations

People are it draws so much water from the ground that it actually changes the grade The tilt of the earthsay the researchers.

Research indicates this solar energy could be responsible for 40% of electricity production by 2050, which presents both challenges and opportunities for the industry.

Gray shark nurse they are close extinction due to migration from marine protected areas and only 400 breeding species in the wild.

Superabsorbent material developed by engineers at HAVE harvests moisture from the air, even in desert-like conditions.

Sustainability Week Events

Cloud data: Foresite Investment Manager announced the deal with Salesforce to use the company’s Net Zero Cloud product to gain better data insight while achieving Foresite’s sustainability goals.

Alternative battery: San Jose-based battery startup Lyten has announced it is going live its first automated pilot production line for its lithium-sulfur battery cells. The production line will supply products to its customers, and the company says it will help in its goal to expand production of its alternative battery.

On the horizon

Texas and Louisiana are in the middle and a big heat wave It is expected to last until at least June 21. The heat wave is bringing dangerously high temperatures that are expected to cause record levels of energy consumption as people crank up their air conditioning units to beat the heat. Extreme heat is expected to continue through the summer around the world thanks to a combination of climate change and the El Nino phenomenon.

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Green transport update

OToyota unveiled its plans on Thursday the next generation of electric cars, which it plans to launch in 2026. The automaker says its new line of EVs will use solid-state batteries that are lighter and have higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries. Investors were excited by the announcement, driving the company’s share price to an 11-month high in its fastest one-day gain in more than a decade.

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California’s $100 billion electric bullet train will be fully solar powered

The initial segment of the nation’s most expensive infrastructure project is acquiring a public-scale clean energy system.

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