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Inman contributor Brandon Doyle interviews 100 of the best and brightest minds in the housing industry this summer. Its mission is to share dazzling expert advice to help you better position your career development in any market. Check out his interview with Marci James to learn her secrets for keeping passion and purpose aligned throughout her illustrious 20+ year career in real estate.

Marci James

Marci James, a marketing consultant and 25-year industry veteran, embodies a unique blend of resilience and passion. Currently Spearheading several outreach initiatives for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), James embraces her roles as a mother, grandmother, and passionate Colorado outdoorsman.

“From brokerage marketing and start-ups to large technology companies, my journey has taken me to different corners of the industry,” he reflects. “This broad spectrum of experience has given me a multifaceted perspective and deep understanding of the industry and its patrons.”

James’ involvement in the real estate industry extends beyond her professional life. She greatly enjoys working with young members, especially those starting out in the Young Professionals Network (YPN). “They are the future of our industry and I can tell you our future is bright!” he exclaims.

Advice for changing industries and changing demographics

Like many others, James is aware of the challenges the industry is currently facing as the market slows down. However, she sees it as opportunity for agents spin and discover new possibilities. “As the market changes, new opportunities always open up. Be alert, look for them and be ready to turn around if you see something,” he advises.

James further emphasizes the importance of using data to understand changing demographics. “Baby boomers may not be your target market, but they are the largest demographic for sellers recently. How can you get to know them more? How can you target them with your marketing? Use data to help you target them,” he suggests.

In the face of adversity, James’ resilience shines through. After being part of the layoffs at, she quickly got back on her feet and used her experience as an opportunity to share advice with others affected by the layoffs.

“Use yours.” relation ships. The day I found out I was laid off, I was texting my contacts on my phone who might know about the opportunities,” she said.

Have it all, at any age

While James’ career is remarkably impressive, it’s her personal life that deeply influences her professional approach.

“I’m really proud to be a working mom and grandma. I have three granddaughters and I hope to show them a woman can have everything, at any age. A close family life and a vibrant, fulfilling career,” she says proudly.

Drawing on his rich background in the industry, James advocates a proactive approach to market shifts. “Our market conditions are constantly changing and changing. Use these changes to your advantage. Stay nimble and be ready to pivot if you see an opportunity,” he advises.

James’ dedication to the industry is encapsulated in her appreciation for the hard-working agents who make the industry what it is. “I’ve never forgotten that I wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for those hard-working agents who don’t get paid benefits or four weeks of paid vacation. I’m always looking for opportunities to give back or shine a light on them,” he says.

Her commitment to supporting the next generation of real estate professionals is reflected in her support of the YPN NAR program. He encourages young agents to join or even start their own local YPN chapter, hailing it as “a breeding ground for leadership and engagement.”

A testament to the power of resilience, adaptability and passion

James’ unwavering dedication to her career, combined with her deep-rooted commitment to her personal life, paints a vivid picture of balance and fulfillment.

In nurturing young professionals, her ability to turn around in the face of a market slowdown and her resilience in overcoming professional adversity, James exemplifies the best of the real estate industry. He embodies the principle that success in real estate is not just about transactions and numbers, but also about relationships, adaptability and a deep understanding of market trends and dynamics.

James’ story serves as inspiration for both newcomers and veterans of the real estate industry. Her emphasis on using data to understand changing demographics, her advocacy of agent support systems like YPN, and her encouragement for agents to remain agile in the face of market changes all underscore the importance of remaining adaptable and flexible in the industry. think ahead. .

Above all, James reminds us that the heart of the real estate industry lies in its people: hard-working agents, ambitious young professionals, and the countless individuals and families who look to the industry to help them find their homes.

In James we see a powerful combination of professional acumen, personal resilience and a genuine commitment to supporting the real estate industry’s most valuable asset – its people. As we move through changing landscapes real estate marketJames’ story serves as a beacon that illuminates path to success with adaptability, data-driven insights and a deep-rooted passion for the industry.

Brandon Doyle is a Realtor at the company Doyle Real Estate Team — RE/MAX Results in Minneapolis and co-author Mindset, Methods and Metrics – Winning as a Modern Realtor. You can follow him Twitter.

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