Name: Michael Baynes
Title: Executive, co-owner
Experiences: 33 years in real estate in three major markets: London, California, France
Location: Southwest France
Broker Name: Maxwell-Baynes
Order: #1 for sale of luxury properties and vineyards in the Bordeaux region of France
Team Size: 45
Sales volume: €6.4 million for the financial year 2023 (as at 31 March)
Valuation: CIRE Affiliate of the Year 2018

What is something you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

A considerable influence which a broker can have over transaction. I think I underestimated how important a broker’s role is in holding the transaction together and professionally getting the buyer and seller across the finish line

Tell us about the highlight of your brokerage career. How did you get there?

Selling the world famous vineyard estate in Saint Emilion for €55 million. This was an extremely complex M&A transaction that required patience, leadership and persistence.

Tell us about an epic fail you’ve had.

I made a subtle but identifiable (I thought it wouldn’t be unrecognizable) ad for impressive vineyard estate this inadvertently exposed it to the market and deeply upset the owner the first year I came to Bordeaux in 2008. Coming from the US, I underestimated the importance of wine/vineyard trade secrets. It was a hard but important lesson that has left me hypersensitive ever since.

Name 3 people you admire.

1. My business partner Karin Maxwell: Her energy, willingness to learn and her ability to be a great business partner
2. Simon Sinek: For making wisdom accessible and his tireless pursuit of optimism
3. Siya Kalisi: Persisting against all odds: rising from the slums of South Africa to captain a Rugby World Cup winning side.

What makes a good leader?

1. Putting the needs of others first
2. Transparency with information and communication
3. Be a good listener
4. Assumption of Liability
5. Willingness to take risks while keeping your team safe

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