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It is 1181 BC, Aegean Sea. Odysseus, the Greek hero of ancient times, the devoted husband of Penelope, was cast out Of course on his brave journey back to Ithaca he landed on his ship, the Argo, on Cyclopes Island. Polyphemus, the Cycloptic son of Poseidon, captured Odysseus and his crew and began feasting on them.

Intrigued by the seriousness of the situation, Odysseus had the strategic foresight to introduce himself to Polyphemus as “Nobody”, which was very fitting as shortly afterwards his crew were working to bind the giant and blind him with a burning wooden stake.

“Help me!” Polyphemus called out to his cyclops, “No one has blinded me!” …and that’s why no one came to his aid.

A strategic forecast? Yes, sure. But how could Odysseus come up with this clever pun so readily under duress? Simple: Odysseus was the dad.

His son Telemachus would have been about 20 years old at the time, so Odysseus was clearly well trained. the art of puns of his father’s life before his Odyssey began. So Odysseus’ tactical intelligence aside, I’d argue that this is also one of the first examples of a totally solid dad joke in recorded history.

If you think that was a long way to make such a point, stick…

About five years ago, the company experienced a new renaissance. It was around this time that “Dad Jokes” entered the lexicon as well as our collective consciousness. Formerly known as “moans” or just “bad jokes,” these humorous bits have gained notoriety from their repeated, often tiresome overuse by your typical dad.

The Dad Joke invaded popular culture. Dad Joke-A-Day Calendar. Dad Joke Posters. Dad Joke memes. Dad Joke Compilation Books. Dad Joke T-shirts. Dad funny comedy nights. Articles dad joke on Inman. People leaned hard into it, and the beautiful thing is that dads shared the spotlight of this gift of language with anyone and everyone; you didn’t have to be a dad to make a bad dad joke.

Example: I once rang the bell at a convenience store wearing my “Dad Jokes? I Think You Mean RAD Jokes” t-shirt and the cashier, about 19 years old, came up and asked me if she could tell me all her favorites. The earth flattened. It was a poignant moment of unity — focused entirely on utterly stupid puns — that transcended nearly every social construct.

And so it went for many years.

But time went on and society slowed down in its fervor for this form of punishment. You can still find all the goods, but the interest has dropped significantly and it seems that this phenomenon will become a thing of the past; the renaissance becomes the aissance of that time, because people simply got tired of the powerful dad joke.

But that’s the thing.

Any good dad joke was exhausted long before the point was even made. The setting itself is groan inducing. Everyone within earshot knows—and doesn’t want to hear—what’s coming. But will it stop? No, sir, it isn’t.

No more dad jokes modern? Dads don’t care. We’ll tell them anyway. Don’t you think they are funny? They never were! Not to you anyway – but to us, they’re funny, and that’s all that matters.

And so it is and so it will always be; a dad joke at any age will be made on you and me.

So even if you’re tired of them, we’re far from tired of telling them so. And with that, here are 10 more dad jokes that are perfect for Father’s Day.

A concerned parent: My son ate electrical cords. What should I do?

This: Ground it until it behaves properly.

Child: Dad, poop trees?

This: Of course, that’s how we get number 2 pencils.

Realtor Dad: This extract it’s great, but it’s probably better for cats.

Buyer: What do you think?

Agent Dad: It will take you nine lives to pay it back.

Linguist: “Pre-” means before and “Po-” means after.

This: Using both of these prefixes together would be absurd!

This: Looks like there’s a big sale going on down at the Lego store.

Child: Really? We can go?

This: No. People are lined up in blocks.

Father of the real estate agency: You better watch out! That agent you defeated sales competition he said he would come for you.

Agent: Meh, I’m pretty sure I can handle him.

Father of the real estate agency: I don’t know. He said he flips houses in his spare time!

This: My first job was at an orange juice factory. But I got canned.

Innocent Bystander: Sighhhh. Why?

This: Because I couldn’t concentrate.

Marine Biologist: Did you know that great white sharks can grow up to 20 feet?

This: I do not believe you. Sharks don’t have legs.

Real estate broker: They are hoping for $500,000 for this apartment.

This: I understand that well. And what would be housing minimum would they accept

Riddler: What is the difference between a poorly dressed man on a unicycle and a sharply dressed man on a bicycle?

This: Clothing.

Realtor Dad: I’ll sell anything, but my bread and butter are finished basement listings.

fellow agent: Oh no? why is that?

Agent Dad: Are mine the best cellars.

This: Did I ever tell you I met Bruce Lee’s vegan brother, Brock Lee?

friend: Sighhhh… seriously?

This: No. Serious Lee is Bruce’s other brother who can’t take a joke.

Property manager: I fail at work because of my irrational fear of complexly clustered commercial buildings.

Psychologist (and dad): You seem to have a complex complex.

Zoologist: Did you know that Peruvian owls hunt in pairs?

This: That’s because they’re Inca bastards.

Property manager: Did you hear they weren’t able to? rent the only remaining unit in the apartment building?

This: It sounds like the last but not leased.

Bonus joke:

Once upon a time in a remote jungle there lived a tribal king who lived in a grass hut where he ruled from a golden throne. One day a warning came from his scouts that explorers were on their way to steal the throne. In an attempt to protect it, the king placed the throne on the roof of his hut and covered it with thatch.

The explorers arrived and searched in vain for the throne. Thinking he was in the clear, the king had his guards remove the throne from the roof, but as they worked, it slipped from the rigging and fell, killing the king.

It proves once again that people who live in grass houses should not stack thrones.

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